Lothian League 2017/18 – Fixtures

After a long battle finding enough courts and swapping matches around we’ve finally managed to get the fixture list finished.

With the Churches league taking up lots of nights to finish before Meadowbank closed we struggled to get enough court time but huge thanks to LDBC, ELBC, North Morningside and EBA for hosting matches and allowing us to complete the first half of the season. You’ll be refunded for the courts used. Many other clubs were also very flexible with playing on different nights which has also helped.

You can find fixtures online here and the league tables here.

As before there won’t be an offline copy so that any changes will be updated together. If you have a website you wish to add a copy to we can provide an embed code that is filtered to your own clubs matches.

If you have any issues, please get in touch so we can resolve them as soon as possible. We’ve done our best to avoid club nights and any dates that you told us.

We now have a number of different locations so please be careful to check where your match is and when it starts. In particular please start sharply on Monday evening at St. Georges as there’s only 1.5 hours. For access to St. Georges the door code is 1960.

For Meadowbank, same as last season, do not enter the sports hall before 8pm as we often get complaints when 20 people walk straight through someone’s court.

The current scoresheet can be found here. There are several different versions of it floating around but they all do the same thing so feel free to use any that you have. As always if anyone has any ideas to make it easier to use please let us know.

Send them in by taking a picture and emailing them to Greg+scorecard@EdinburghBadmintonAcademy.co.uk. To keep it simple for us we can’t accept any scoresheets by text or Facebook.

Playing up and down/different clubs
Once a player has played twice for a specific team they are locked to that team and cannot play for another team for the rest of the half season. Players can play level doubles and mixed doubles for different clubs. Players can swap between clubs every half season.

Between half seasons, the top and bottom teams in each division will be promoted/relegated with the exception of the bottom division where two teams will be promoted.

What happens when Meadowbank closes?
After lots of hunting we’ve managed to find enough courts to host every match and give the league room to continue expanding. These will be at Drumbrae Leisure Centre, St. Thomas of Aquin’s and Castlebrae High School.